ThunderHead Creations THC Mods

Thunderhead Creations is an extremely well-known brand, that is known for its great quality mods. These include Artemis RTA and RDTA, Tauren MTL RTA, and the Max RDA. You can find these mods in different sizes, and they will work with most coils and have a high-quality build.

Artemis RDTA

If you are looking for an exquisite single coil top coiler, then the Thunderhead Creations Artemis RDTA is a great choice. Designed in collaboration with Tony Vapes, this atomizer features a postless build deck, adjustable side airflow, and a wide slot side fill system.

The RDTA uses stainless steel wicks and is able to be used with bottom-feeding mods. It can be built in a single step, or if you want to get a bit more complex, you can use a coil leg trim tool to adjust the size of the coil.

Thunderhead Creations teamed up with YouTuber Tony Vapes to create the Artemis RDTA. This atomizer features a 4.5ml e-juice capacity, adjustable side airflow, and a stainless steel wicking system.

The Artemis RDTA comes in two models. The first is a 2ml version that is squonk compatible. It also comes in a 4ml version. These models are available in a variety of colors.

The second model is a 25mm version. This atomizer is squonk compatible and has a 4.5ml e-juice volume. The stainless steel wicking system includes four German stainless steel wicks and a spring-loaded ceramic insert.

Aside from being squonk compatible, the Artemis RDTA is also modular. This means that it can be used with a variety of battery carriers, and can be adjusted to give you the type of airflow you are looking for.

The Artemis RDTA Special Edition Atomizer is made from a stainless steel cable, which gives it a durable, stylish, and unique design. It features an 810 drip tip, an adjustable airflow system, and a squonk pin.

The Thunderhead Creations Artemis RTDA is available in a variety of colors. It comes in a small black cardboard box with a description of the contents. Also included is an Allen key to remove the 510 pins. There are safety certificates at the bottom of the box.

With its superior construction and sleek design, the Thunderhead Creations Artemis is an elegant vape that is ideal for DL vaping. It is a dependable atomizer that can be used with any squonk mod.

Tauren MTL RTA

Thunderhead Creations has released the Tauren MTL RTA, an innovative MTL atomizer that has a few of the bells and whistles you can find in the average MTL tank. A few of these features include an integrated honeycomb build deck, a double inner dome design, and a sleek and easy-to-use 360-degree stepless airflow control. The device also comes with an impressive 2ml e-liquid capacity.

Like most of their products, the Tauren MTL RTA is made from high-quality stainless steel and glass. In addition, it has a sturdy base with an etched logo and safety markings. It comes with a 510 drip tip that can be replaced.

The sleeve is a sturdy piece of engineering, complete with silky smooth threading. It features a built-in angled inlet that consists of 61 0.35mm honeycomb holes. This is a good thing, as it provides an optimal build environment for the coil.

The Tauren MTL RTA has a few other features to boast about, including a dual post-build deck with a raised GTA-style single coil layout. Another cool feature is the nipple-style drip tip. All of these elements are included in a handy carry pouch, along with a few spare grub screws, a slotted screwdriver, and a small bag of cotton.

Finally, the Tauren MTL RTA is one of the more affordable rebuildable atomizers on the market. Despite its pricier price, the device's curved airflow channel and unique juice control system deliver top-tier flavor and vapor production.

The Tauren MTL RTA is available in two variants. You can go with the short one, or opt for the long version. As far as size goes, the MTL RTA is on the smaller side, measuring only 24mm. However, it's a well-engineered atomizer that offers superior build quality and innovative 360-degree steps airflow control. There are a few cons to consider, however, such as the fact that the glass is fixed in place. While this makes it an excellent choice for MTL vaping, it does make cleaning the device a little bit more challenging.

Overall, the Tauren MTL RTA is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality build and easy to-use atomizer. Whether you're looking for an MTL rig to enjoy with friends or a versatile MTL vape for your own personal use, the Thunderhead Creations Tauren MTL RTA is a great choice.

Tauren Max RDA

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDA has a lot of features. It is a rebuildable atomizer and it can be used with squonk mods. It has a 2ml eLiquid capacity, a dual coil system, and a triple-sided 3D airflow system. Besides, it is a stylish piece of hardware.

The Tauren Max RDA is made from stainless steel and brass. In addition, it is leakproof and it comes in six colors. Among other things, it has a patented top/bottom/side fill system, a clever dual ceramic clamp build deck, and an impressive array of airflow options. Lastly, the nifty tidbit is that the atomizer can be converted into a bottom feeder, with the help of a squonk compatible battery carrier. Moreover, the company has included an extra BF pin to boot.

The Tauren Max RDA is also one of the most convincing vape pens you will find on the market. This postless dual coil atomizer is not only compact, but it is a breeze to wind and it comes with a standard 510 thread. With a sleek design and a variety of uses, it has quickly become a favorite among vapers.

One of the more illustrative features of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max is its 3D honeycomb airflow system. This dual-slotted design allows for a much more consistent flow of air than its single-coil counterpart. As a result, the user will experience an optimally flavored and vaporized vape.

There is no doubt that the Thunderhead Creations Tauren max RDA is the perfect blend of performance and style. And with its clever features and elegant design, it will have you hooked from the first puff. From the dual ceramic clamps to the 3D honeycomb system, this atomizer is a worthy investment in your eLiquid arsenal. You'll be happy you did. Whether you want to try your hand at dual coil or single coil, the Tauren Max RDA is the vaporizer for you. Besides, it can be had for a reasonable price. Get it today! That's the best way to impress your friends and coworkers. Fortunately, it comes in a range of colors to match your personal taste.

Tauren Mech Mod

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Mech Mod is a compact device with a unique design and a stylish finish. It features a 360deg full contact button and a ball fire key, which enhances the vaping experience.

In addition to the innovative ball fire button, the Tauren Mech Mod also has an adjustable voltage output, a 10-second cutoff, and full mechanical mode capability. This mod is compatible with both single and dual 18650 batteries, as well as two-cell 21700 batteries.

The Tauren Mech Mod is built of a solid brass and copper material, making it one of the most durable and durable mech mods available. Besides its impressive build, the device is also available in five different finishes.

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren RDA is another device that is compatible with the Tauren Mech Mod. It has a unique, bottom-feeding rebuildable dripping atomizer that features 28 micro airholes on its build deck. Also, the device features a deep juice well and a strong throat hit.

The Thunderhead Creations THC Tauren Max Mechanical Mod is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable and reliable mechanical mod. It comes with a flannelette bag, as well as an adapter for either single or dual 18650 batteries. Using the device is easy and you can fire it instantly.

You can purchase the Tauren Mech by THC in five different finishes. It is constructed from copper and brass materials and has an ergonomic shape. It also features a quality switch construction. The device is dustproof and supports a smart protection mode.

Aside from the innovative design and durability, the Tauren Mech by THC also has a unique serial number. You can purchase this device for a reasonable price. Unlike other mech mods, the Tauren is also waterproof and shockproof.

The Thunderhead Creations brand is famous for producing top-notch mechanical mods. Their latest offering, the Tauren Mech, is a solid and reliable device that is perfect for vapers who want a mech mod without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for a mechanical mod that is capable of handling large batteries or a compact and lightweight device, the Tauren Mech from Thunderhead Creations is a fantastic choice.


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