Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit Review


The Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit is a great all-day vaping device. It comes with a battery that is equipped with a 1000mAh power capacity. Moreover, it features a draw or button firing mechanism. In addition, the unit includes replacement coils. Aside from the battery and the coils, the device also comes with a replaceable cartridge.

Powered by a 1000mAh battery

The Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit is a stylish open pod system that's designed to give you a rich flavor and a long-lasting vaping experience. It features a sleek and ergonomic design that's perfectly sized to fit into your pocket. It comes with two coils, which are available in 0.4ohm and 1.4ohm versions, and it can fire up to 30W.

Its built-in 1000mAh battery provides enough power to last a full day of vaping. It comes with a side refilling system to provide you with convenience and a smooth, even draw. And with a built-in DC 5V TYPE-C port, it's easy to charge it.

In addition, the UB Lite comes with a unique LED light that indicates the power level when you're using it. You can also adjust the airflow lever to choose the ideal setting for your needs.

As a result of its lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, the UB Lite has a compact, sleek design that's easy to carry around. This means it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for an ultra-portable device that doesn't sacrifice performance.

Its smart coil detection technology is another great feature of this device. Depending on the coil you use, the chip will adjust the output to ensure you get the maximum amount of vapor and flavor.

The UB Lite comes in a variety of colors, and each has its own LED lights. For example, when a 0.4ohm coil is used, the red LED lights up, while a 0.8ohm coil's LED lights up blue. When a 1.4ohm coil is used, the green LED lights up.

To top it off, the Lost Vape UB Lite has a unique airflow control slider that allows you to change the airflow for RDL (Reduced-Dimension Liquid) or MTL (Medium-To-Large) vaping. You can move the lever to the left to open up the airflow, or to the right to reduce it.

Overall, the Lost Vape UB Lite is a great option for a small-size vaper who enjoys both MTL and DTL vaping. The sleek and modern look of the device is appealing, and it has the ability to give you a satisfying vaping experience with a variety of protections.

Draw or button firing mechanism

The UB Lite Pod System is the latest from Lost Vape. It comes with a 1000mAh battery, which is great for a long day of vaping. This mod has a compact design with a sleek body made of aluminum alloy. It also has a side-fill port. There are a variety of safety protections, including Over Heat Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Battery Over Voltage Protection.

The UB Lite Pod Kit is compact and easy to use. You can adjust the airflow with the slider located on the pod. When you are satisfied with the airflow, you can press the fire button to begin vaping.

Besides the adjustable airflow, the UB Lite Pod Kit also has a small LED indicator that lights up in different colors as the battery charge increases. It also has a puff counter and a puff timer. Lastly, the UB Lite Pod is compatible with UB Lite Series Coils.

The UB Lite Pod comes with a 0.4O L1 coil. These coils are a great MTL setting for the first 1/5th of the adjustment. They are also relatively economical on e-liquid.

In addition to the 0.4O coil, there is a 1.4O L5 coil. These are a little more versatile and are rated for 10W and can cope with 40% to 70%VG e-liquid. However, they have a wider airflow which may not be as effective.

Another advantage of the UB Lite Pod kit is the ability to support both Draw and Button activation. Depending on the type of coil you install, the LED light will change color. If the device is not working properly, you can reset the puff count or use the locking fire button.

The UB Lite Pod is a compact pod system that has a unique design. The coils push into the bottom of the pod. They are not compatible with other UB devices.

For convenience, the UB Lite Pod Kit has an integrated battery and a DC 5V Type-C port. The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid. Additionally, the pod has a flat integrated mouthpiece and a refilling hole with a silicone plug.

Replacement coils

If you are a UB Lite Pod Kit user, you may want to consider buying a set of replacement coils. These are the best and most cost-effective ways to make your vape experience last for months to come. You can choose from a wide variety of resistances, from 0.8 ohms to 1.4 ohms. They are also made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and Kanthal wire.

Aside from delivering great flavor and vapor production, these replacement coils come with an impressive mesh heating element. This makes every draw a smooth and even experience. The UB Lite Mesh Coils are a perfect option for those who are looking to savor their e-juices.

Lost Vape has a lot to offer in terms of its quality of service and the range of products they produce. Their UB Lite replacement coils are no exception, as they offer a full range of performance options. From a low-wattage UB Lite Ultra Boost Coil to an upscale L3 0.8-ohm Mesh Replacement Coil, you can be sure that you'll get the most out of your investment.

The company also offers an innovative pod system, called Ursa Quest. Although it may be a bit on the bulky side, it has a 2ml e-juice capacity and accepts nicotine salts. In addition to this, the UB Lite Replacement Coils offer a press-fit fitting.

Lost Vape UB Lite replacement coils are also designed for use with UB Lite Mini Pod Systems, so you'll have an excellent choice of coils to keep you vaping long into the night. UB Lite Replacement Coils come in packs of 5 so you're sure to have a new coil to play with every time you restock your UB Lite pod kit. It's easy to see why UB Lite has become a popular option among Pod-based vape kit users.

Not only are UB Lite replacement coils a great value, but they also deliver top-of-the-line flavor and vapor production, as well as being a good option for MTL and DTL vaping. For this reason, they're a must-have for anyone who's looking to upgrade their current e-cig.

Long-lasting all-day vaping session

The Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit is an innovative vape pod kit. Unlike other pod devices, this device has an in-built chip that can control the output of the device to 30W based on the coil used. This feature allows you to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

The UB Lite pod cartridge includes two coil options. One is the 1.4ohm coil that is ideal for MTL vaping. The other is the 0.4ohm coil, which is a more economical option for e-liquid consumption.

The Lost Vape UB Lite consists of an aluminum alloy metal body. The device has a sleek round shape that is perfect for holding a pod. A small Lost Vape logo is placed at the bottom of the device. It features smart coil detection and a durable battery.

This device has a USB Type-C port on its base that can be recharged using a 5V / 1A charging specification. The Pod Kit also supports button and draw-activated firing.

Although the UB Lite has a relatively small battery, it can still deliver a long-lasting all-day vaping session. To ensure the highest level of safety, it has a protective cover with a nail hole.

This device is also equipped with a top-filling system and adjustable airflow. With this, you can find the perfect setting for your needs. You can move the airflow lever to the left for more open airflow or to the right for a tighter flow.

The UB Lite pod can be filled with either e-liquid or nicotine salts. For this reason, the device is suitable for both DTL and MTL vaping. If you prefer, you can replace the 1.4ohm coil with a 0.8ohm coil.

The UB Lite can be recharged in 35-40 minutes. However, it is not compatible with other UB devices.

Although the UB Lite is not attractive, it is a very convenient pod vape that delivers a lot of flavors. In addition, it is very user-friendly.

You can find the UB Lite Pod Kit in a variety of colors. Choose between Amaretto Brown, Lagoon Blue, Midnight Black, and other bright colors.


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