Lost Vape Scutum Review

The Lost Vape Scutum is one of the newest devices to hit the market. This unit features a DNA chipset, a temperature control option, and an IP68 rating. What is more, the unit is quite a bit cheaper than most other vaporizers, making it a great choice for beginners or a second device.

IP68 rating

The IP68 rating of the Lost Vape Scutum DNA 100C box mod is a testament to the quality of this mod. This device features an Evolv DNA100C chipset and is able to deliver 100 watts of power from a single battery. It also supports a 3 amp Type-C charging port, which allows the cell to be replenished quickly.

IP rating is a very important safety measure. It is designed to give consumers the information they need to know about the protection offered by the product they are purchasing. A higher IP rating is a good thing because it provides more protection. On the other hand, a lower rating indicates less protection.

For example, an IP68 rating is the minimum rating a device needs in order to protect against splashing water. Having more than this means the item is nearly dust-tight. Moreover, a higher number is better because it means it can resist water at a higher temperature.

Depending on the product, the IP rating may vary. One example is the iPhone 14 Pro, which has an IP68 rating. Other items that have an IP69k rating include a swimming goggles and a washing machine. In some cases, this rating is not required.

To obtain an IP rating, a product must be tested and evaluated by a third party. The test is designed to detect potential foreign intrusions that could cause damage to the device.

An IP rating is also useful to provide consumers with a level of confidence in the manufacturer. Some suppliers do not want to invest in testing because they don't want to spend the money. However, an IP rating can be a helpful safety measure, especially if you use the device in a hazardous environment.

The Scutum DNA 100C has impressive IP68 military-grade Tri-Proof protection. In addition to being fully dust-tight, it is also shock-resistant. It can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, making it one of the most durable vape mods on the market.

Whether you're looking for a new vape mod or just want to learn more about the newest and greatest in vaping technology, the Scutum DNA 100C should be your top choice.

Evolv DNA chipset

The Evolv DNA chipset is a chip that is found in many high-end vaping devices. It is known for its efficient performance and accuracy.

When paired with a good sub-ohm tank, you can expect optimal vapor output. With a custom coil setting profile, you can keep your atomizers juiced without burning the heating element.

Currently, there are two main types of DNA mods. These are the Evolv DNA series, including the DNA75C, and the DNA200. However, there are other manufacturers that may decide to produce DNA Mods.

One of the best producers of DNA Mods is HCigar. The company has developed an impressive line of high-quality products. This includes the VT75C, which features an assertive design and leather-like adornments.

Another of the top producers of DNA Mods is Lost Vape. Their Scutum mod is one of the first devices to use the DNA100C chipset. It has a rugged appearance and is ip68 rated.

The mod is available in several colors, such as gunmetal carbon fiber and blue splatter. In addition, it has a sturdier shell than most mods.

A third button makes navigation through the menus of the mod a breeze. Additionally, the DNA75C features a full-color display.

DNA chips are also capable of monitoring temperature. However, it can be difficult to monitor resistance. Also, the chips are only 85% power efficient. That means that there is a learning curve when it comes to tinkering with them.

While a DNA mod may not be for everyone, it is a great way to customize your device. There are plenty of resources online that can help you get started. You can learn more about the different aspects of vaping and how to build rebuildable atomizers.

If you're looking for a durable mod with a high degree of customization, you can't go wrong with the Lost Vape Hyperion. It features a 21700 battery combination, a rugged ip68-rated shell, and a comfortable fit.

Finally, the DNA Go mod is another great option. It features a powerful regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter and a waterproof onboard button. It also has a real-time clock.

Temperature control

Using temperature control technology on your vape device can increase the accuracy of your hits. The more accurate your hits are, the more consistent your experience. In addition to that, TC mods can also detect harmful chemicals in your e-liquid.

Temperature control mods allow you to fine-tune your vape to produce the best possible results. You'll find a wide variety of temperature control mods available in the market. They range from the simple to highly complex.

It may not always be easy to choose the best one, especially when the competition is fierce. However, some companies have a great reputation for their technologies. Some of them even offer good value at cheaper prices. This includes Lost Vape and Evolv, which have been renowned for their chipsets.

Generally, the temperature control feature of a vape mod works with all vaping styles. Although the mod might tell you that it's not capable of controlling your wattage, it will adjust it for you on the fly.

A temperature control device monitors changes in the resistance of your coil, which allows you to maintain an even temperature. This is a great way to keep your vape fresh and clean. As long as you're not hitting the wall too often, you can achieve a good vape at any given time.

TC mods may not be for everyone, however. Some heavy vapers might find the variable wattage mode a little difficult to master. For example, they might not want to set their wattage too low and risk taking a lung hit.

However, if you're just looking for an easy way to adjust your watts on the go, the Variable Wattage mode might be the answer. While it's not a revolutionary new concept, it's a lot easier to use than its predecessor, the Variable Voltage mode.

To change your wattage, you must first lock in the base resistance of your coil. If you don't do this, you might end up with a faulty temperature reading. Similarly, you may run into refinement problems.

Lastly, a temperature control device can also help you eliminate dry hits. This is especially helpful when you're using a sub-ohm tank.

Battery life

Battery life is a critical factor to consider when buying a vape pen or mod. While there are many factors that can affect your vape pen battery, there are also a few things you can do to increase its lifespan.

One of the most important tips is to avoid overcharging. Not only does overcharging harm the e-cig battery, it also increases the chance of a short circuit. Batteries are not designed to take this type of stress, so don't overcharge.

Another important tip is to keep the device clean. Dust and dirt can smother a vaporizer, limiting its longevity. It's simple to clean by using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

Many modern vape batteries are built with safeguards that help prevent overcharging. Some smart chargers will cut off energy input once the battery is full.

Vape batteries should always be stored in a cool, dark area. Leaving a battery in a hot place can drastically decrease its lifespan.

When not in use, you should try to store a vape battery with about 40% charge. This gives the battery enough power to keep the protection circuit working. If your e-cig battery isn't stored with a charge gauge, store it in a cool, dark area.

If you aren't vaping every day, you might notice a drop in battery life. However, it's easy to extend your battery life by avoiding overcharging.

It's also important to remember that different types of batteries can have different lifespans. For example, lithium-ion batteries perform better when they're not overloaded. In addition, you can improve your vape battery's lifespan by using a tank with a mesh coil. Mesh coils are known to produce the same cloud size as wound coil tanks, and they require less power.

Most 650 mAh batteries are good for about 400 puffs. However, 1100 mAh battery is good for about 1,000 puffs. The length of your battery's lifespan will depend on the type of atomizer you use.

The Scutum DNA 100C is a high-performance box mod that is dustproof, shock-resistant, and IP68-rated. It features a 3 amp fast charging port and a powerful Evolv DNA100C chipset.


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